Egyptian Art in Revolution

Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort Art exhibition


Hilton Sharm Waterfalls cordially hosts "Egyptian Art in Revolution",  an art exhibition at Sharm El Sheikh from 15th of April to 20th June 2011.

The Opening will take place on Friday April 15th, at 5:00 p.m. 

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Why "Egyptian Art in Revolution" and why "in Sharm"?

 Why "Egyptian Art in Revolution"?

 Art has been always a revolution on the reality, re-creating it, reproducing it in a new shape, angle and dimensions.

The revolution starts and finds its expression in Art.

 Why this exhibition in "Sharm"?

 This exhibition is trying to create a link between Art and Tourism. All Egyptian artistic richness could be sold to our foreign guests: about 10 or 12 Million tourists per year! We have the goal to create important artistic centers in tourism areas and we believe that in the future tourists from Arabic and Foreign countries will come purposely to see and buy Egyptian Contemporary Art.

Art will not only benefit from Tourism but Tourism will also benefit from Art. 

List of participants

You will find the artworks presented in this exhibition by each participant in the Gallery page. 

1. Gamal Lamei

 Visiting Professor, Department of Performing and Visual Arts, American University, Dr. Gamal Lamie has a long artistic carrier starting from his first exhibition at the "Egyptian Center for International Cultural Cooperation, Cairo 1976" and to his last art exhibition in "Bibliotheca Alexandria, Mediterranean Art, 2010". 

He produced works of art in painting, drawings and installations inspired from human heritage. The major concepts of the artworks are to emphasize the importance of culture diversity as a resource of inspiration and using art as a common language of communication and expression to create a dialogue among civilizations. 

2. Doaa el Desouky

 A visual artist & a teacher at the faculty of Mass Communication, Ahram Canadian University. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, department of advertising in 1998 with honours. Obtained Masters degree 2002, & PH.D in Advertising from the Faculty of Applied Arts 2006. 

Participating in the art field since graduation till now in the fields of painting & graphic design. Had a number of solo & group exhibitions together with organizing a number of cultural & art events. Has several researches in the field of advertising and published articles in the field of visual arts. 

3. Iman Hakim

 Bachelor of Fine Arts – Décor branch.

Member of syndicate  of Plastic Artists - National Society of Fine Arts - “Sohbet Fann” Group - “Association for preservation of Egyptian Heritage”

Member of Cairo Atelier & Cairo Art Guild

Held and participated in many exhibitions.

Private collections of many individuals and some institutions in Egypt and abroad in addition to “Modern Art Museum” - Opera. 

4. Nadia Sirry

 Nadia Sirry, born in Egypt 1958. Member of the Syndicate of plastic Arts, Cairo Atelier, National Society of Fine Arts as well as other art associations.

Studied art with art masters and at Ivan Bilibin School for fine art. Held many private and group exhibitions, acquired several  certificates of appreciation .

Acquisitions at the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art - Agricultural Museum of Egypt - The American University in Cairo - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - The Consulate General of  Finland in Alexandria - The Consulate General of Russian Federation and the Russian Cultural Center in Alex - Alexandria Center of Arts - The Syndicate of Journalists in Cairo, as well as art lovers in Egypt and around the world. 

5. Shayma Kamel

 Shayma Kamel is an Egypian artist who participated in several art exhibitions since 2001 in Egypt and abroad (West Chester University, Amsterdam). 

6. El Sharnubi Mohamed

 Ph.D. in Art Education, Ceramics.

Lecturer of Ceramics, Faculty of Specific Education, Mansourah University.

Participated in Art Exhibitions in Egypt from 1997 till now.

Awards: over 30 Egyptian and world awards in ceramics.

Collections: New Ceramic Museum, Museum Of Modern Art, Mansourah University, Canada.

The statue presented in the gallery is just an example, we are waiting for his last creation!  

7. Mona Hassan

Mona Hassan is an Egyptian Artist seeks to spread delight through art. Influenced by nature, people and life Mona has nevertheless developed her own distinct brand of abstraction and expressionism, her bold and colorful images are almost contagious—triggering instinctive emotions while continually challenging the viewer to look beyond traditional symbols. Dedicated to self-expression, Mona uses innovative patterns to tell visual stories, synthesizing imagination and reality into semi-conceptual pieces that challenge both the eye and the mind. she is a publisher for an art magazine since 2006. she is preparing to publish her first book.

8. Latifa Youssef

 Latifa Abdel Wehab occupied many important posts and actually she is the Consultant of the Cultural and Information Center of the Palestine State in Cairo and member of the Palestinian delegation in the Arab League.

She participated in many Art exhibitions from 1968 until now. She had been honored by many instances and recently by the Cultural Channel and the IVth French Fall Salon 2009. 

9. Amira Mannah

 Amira Mannah had BFA from Helwan University Cairo 1990. She participated in many group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad including Morocco, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, International Cairo Biennale and 3 solo exhibitions in Cairo.

Artworks have been collected in Modern Art Museum, Foreign Ministry Cairo and Convention Center in Sharm el Shiekh. 

10. Shereen Abdel Hakim

 Shereen Abdel Hakim is graduated from Helwan University, Faculty of Art Education 2003.

She participated in many art exhibitions from 1998 until now in Egypt and abroad (Cyprus, Milano, Ireland, Slovakia, Torino and Tripoli (Lybia).

She had been awarded by the National Council for Woman and in Saudia Arabia. 

11. Ezmeralda Saikali 

 Graduated from Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Section Painting. Head of the Artistic Committee, Heliopolis Sporting Club. Member of the Jury of the Int. Biennale for children.

The painting "La Porte de Paradis" chosen as a book cover for Andres Acman's "Adieu Alexandrie"

2007- Founder of the 1st on-line gallery for Egyptian contemporary art 

Acquisitions local and international in: museums, galleries, ministries, governorates, hotels, banks, companies, embassies, clubs, hospitals, and schools. 

12. Heba el Aziz

 Heba is working as assistant teacher in the Painting Department, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University and acquired her Master degree in Painting, 2006.

She participated in various art exhibitions from 1997 until now and had been awarded by many instances. 

13. Heba Fikri

 Heba Fikri is graduated from the Faculty of Law, Ain Shames University. She participated in several art exhibitions in Egypt and Saudi Arabia since 1990. Book covers graphic designer. She organizes summer workshop for kids in artistic skills at “Bayt Elfan” . 

14. Rania El Hakim

 BA in Business Administration with High Honors – AUC. Specialized Studies in Painting and Art History - AUC and University  of  Maryland Baltimore County. Fashion Designer for Concrete Generation.

She participated in many exhibitions from 2008 until now. 

15.  Baha' el Dine Amer

 Manager of Ebda3 palace - 6 October. BSC Art Education, Helwan University. Master's degree: Oil Paints  Restoration

.He participated in many art exhibition from 1997 until now.

He participated in training sessions: Restoration of wooden frames for canvases & oil paints, sculpture and golding the frames. 

16. Mina Nasr

 Mina Nasr Tadros practiced art since early age and he had been graduated from the College of Applied Arts of Helwan University 2005 . 

During this period, he participated in many drawing, painting, photographic and computer graphics exhibitions.  

17. Mostafa Amin 

Mostafa Mohamed Amin Saleh

Public Relations Manager, Ministry of Education, Hurghada

Participated in many exhibitions: Centre Culturel Français Port Said, Centre Cunturel Français Alexandria, Mubarak Library exhibition Hurghada.  

18. Shahira Al Gally

Self taught artist living in Sharm El Sheikh she is married with a three years old daughter.

I start painting as a child and it has been my passion ever since.

My work is very strong in design and bold in colour it represents my strong character and distinctive personality.

Mostly working in oil on canvas I demonstrate a highly individual style of work unusual in a woman.

I had successful exhibitions in the area. I’m a member of the Forum for Plastic Arts in Sharm. I have successfully sold paintings in Egypt and am looking to broaden out my clientele throughout the world.

She undertakes commissions and will discuss requirements with anyone wishing to engage her services in art.

19. Boulos Attallah

Teaching Arabic language to foreigners and editor of an efficient method to learn Arabic language.

Co-responsible of an international online school teaching about 15 languages.

Art exhibition organizer.

Working in the field of digital Art and participated in many art exhibition at Al Sawy, Kunst Gellery (Down Town, Cairo) and Odradek (Rome) 

Exhibition contacts

For any information about this exhibition please contact :

 Mr. Boulos Attallah, Exhibition coordinator


Mobile: 00 20 12 786 9623


Dr. Gamal Lamie, Exhibition Consultant

Professor for Visual Art at the American University, Cairo

Mobile: 00 20 12 457 7304


Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort


Mr. Martin Hoellrigl

Operations manager 


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